Product Name

SAMDI Original Simple Office Rack Wooden White Birch Universal Apple Watch Charging Dock 
for Apple Watch iwatch 42mm and 38mm and Mobile phone


Product Application

Apple Watch Iwatch 42mm and 38mm ,Mobile phone


Information Labels

SAMDI;Wooden Stander(Holder Showcase);Apple Watch Charging Dock;iwatch stand;Mobile phone

Product Parameters

Product Model: SD-007Wa

Main Process Of Product: Bentwood Technique

Surface Treatment: Varnish Process,Full Mart Polished

LOGO Product Process:  Hot-stamping/Laser

Main Material: Birch 

Colour: White Birch

Product Net Weight: 60g

Abrasion Resistance: 2b-3b

Product Size: 10.3 cm * 7.5 cm * 8cm

Main Place Of Original: MADE IN CHINA

samdi wooden stander holder brich universal smartwatch cell phone


Product Advantage

+ Convenient stand holds device for a comfortable viewing angle.

+ Simply place the watch on the stand and works as clock while charging

+ Stand for Apple watch give your Apple watch a good place to charge, keep your Apple watch clean and safe.

+Modern elegant design and practical construction.

+ It can hold the iWatch stable and comfortable viewing with 45° angle.

Brand Description

SAMDI offers a 100% Feedback Guarantee, making your purchase 100% risk-free!

SAMDI Original Simple Office Rack Wooden White Birch Universal Apple Watch Charging Dock for Apple Watch iwatch 42mm and 38mm and Mobile phone

Main Material Birch
Surface Treatment Varnish Process,Full Mart Polished
Product Color White Birch
Product Net Weight 60g
Abrasion Resistance 2b-3b
Product Size 10.3 cm * 7.5 cm * 8 cm
Main Place Of Original MADE IN CHINA

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