SAMDI Wooden Laptop Stand is not only an original decoration but a helper for providing a compact and portable solution for easy cooling effect to your laptop computer and other devices. It create an ergonomic and comfortable work space so you can work comfortably all day.

Product Parameters

Product Model: SD-001Wa

Main Process Of Product: Bentwood Technique

Surface Treatment: Varnish Process,Full Mart Polished

LOGO Product Process:  Hot-stamping/Laser

Main Material: Walnut

Color: Black Walnut

Product Net Weight: 890 g

Abrasion Resistance: 2b-3b

Product Size: 27.5 cm * 16 cm * 143 cm

Main Place Of Original: MADE IN CHINA

Product Advantage


+ The Open Wedge Design Increases Cooling And Airflow Around The Laptops While Working Stander(Holder).
+ Perfect Standing Desk Keyboard Tray & Simple, Effective Way To Elevate Keyboards & Mice.
+ Cable Management Keeps Desktop Connections Handy And Accessible.
+ Create An Ergonomic And Comfortable Work space, It Works As Cooling Pad As Well.
+ Helps Reduce Neck Strain And Eye Strain, Stabilising Front Edge Prevents Laptops From Sliding Off Stander. Compatible With Apple Macbook Pro, Macbook Air And Other Laptops,music Consoles,other Electronics.
+ Tilt Design Brings Screen Closer And Improves Airflow Around Laptops,raises Notebook Screen Height To Eye Level For Better Ergonomics, Elevates The Screen To A More Comfortable, Neck-friendly Viewing Height,rubber Feet To Improve The Stability.
+ Wooden Manufacture And The Retaining Unique Wooden Grain, Retro And Vogue.
+ Built-in air breathing slots network and fair shaped artwork combination complete a wonderful summer radiator to cool electronic product.
+ Easily stores your keyboard and other computer peripherals when not in use.



Brand Description
SAMDI offers a 100% Feedback Guarantee, making your purchase 100% risk-free!

Main Material Walnut
Surface Treatment Varnish Process,Full Mart Polished
Product Color Black Walnut
Product Net Weight 890g
Abrasion Resistance 2b-3b
Product Size 27.5 cm * 16 cm * 143 cm
Main Place Of Original MADE IN CHINA

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