Product Name

SAMDI Original Bamboo Sample Desk Rack Wooden iMac Bluetooth Bracket Dock Keyboard Mount Stander(Holder Showcase) for iMac Mac Pro Wireless Keyboard


Product Application

Apple PC iMac Bracket Dock Keyboard & Magic Keyboard


Information Labels

SAMDI;Original Bamboo;Wooden Stander(Holder Showcase);Apple PC Keyboard;Magic keyboard;Wireless Keyboard;Mac Pro;iMac Bluetooth Bracket Dock;Keyboard Mount Stander;Sample Desk Rack


Product Parameters

Product Model: SD-006Ba-1

Main Process Of Product: CNC Technology

Surface Treatment: Varnish Process,Full Mart Polished

LOGO Product Process:  Hot-stamping/Laser

Main Material: Bamboo

Color: Original Bamboo

Product Net Weight: 265g

Abrasion Resistance: 2b-3b

Product Size: 30 cm * 15.8 cm * 2.5 cm

Main Place Of Original: MADE IN CHINA

samdi wooden stander holder bamboo universal bluetooth magic keyboard 1


Product Advantage

+ Perfect Shape, So As Not To Stretch Your Bluetooth Keyboard.adjustable Highly Ergonomic Comfort.

+ Make Your Desk More Fashion Sense, The Beauty Is Generous;protect Your Wireless Keyboard, Save Desktop Space.

+ Wooden Raw Material Shape Mold After Hot Pressing, Saw To Cut Into Bracket Specifications, After Manual Polishing, Spraying Green Paint, QC Check The Packaging Process With Micro-fiber Lined Bottom To Prevent Scratches.

+ Antislip Bottom To Prevent Scratches And Ensures Stable Fit.

+ Lightweight And Slim, Durable, Precise.


Brand Description

SAMDI offers a 100% Feedback Guarantee, making your purchase 100% risk-free!

SAMDI Original Bamboo Sample Desk Rack Wooden iMac Bluetooth Bracket Dock Keyboard Mount Stander(Holder Showcase) for iMac Mac Pro Wireless Keyboard

Main Material Birch
Surface Treatment Varnish Process,Full Mart Polished
Product Color White Birch
Product Net Weight 890g
Abrasion Resistance 2b-3b
Product Size 27.5 cm * 16 cm * 143 cm
Main Place Of Original MADE IN CHINA

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