Product Name

SAMDI Original Wear-resisting Wooden Black Walnut Universal Wooden Walnut Mouse Pad for Various types of mouse,Apple Pencil


Product Application

Various types of mouse,Apple Pencil


Information Labels

SAMDI;wooden pad; Wooden Walnut Mouse Pad;office accessories;Black Walnut


Product Parameters

Product Model: SD-017Wa

Main Process Of Product: High Frequency Technology

Surface Treatment: Varnish Process,Full Mart Polished

LOGO Product Process: Hot-stamping/Laser

Main Material: Walnut

Color: Black Walnut

Product Net Weight: 115g

Abrasion Resistance: 2b-3b

Product Size: 28.5 cm * 23 cm * 0.4cm

Main Place Of Original: MADE IN CHINA

samdi wooden mouse pad walnut universal office desk electronic pc mouse


Product Advantage

+ Low friction and ultra smooth surface for better mouse gliding.

+ Provide comfortable feeling, minimizing fatigue even after long hours.

+ Wooden style to make your desk beautiful..

+ Anti-fray bark materials to increase durability.

+ Designed for ease of motion. Perfect for Optical or Trackball Mouse.

+ Super smooth surface offers precise mouse movement. Perfect base for maximum grip. Perfect for laser and optical mouse.


Brand Description

SAMDI offers a 100% Feedback Guarantee, making your purchase 100% risk-free!

SAMDI Original Wear-resisting Wooden Black Walnut Universal Wooden Walnut Mouse Pad for Various types of mouse,Apple Pencil

Main Material Black Walnut
Surface Treatment Varnish Process,Full Mart Polished
Product Color Black Walnut
Product Net Weight 115g
Abrasion Resistance 2b-3b
Product Size 28.5 cm * 23 cm * 0.4 cm
Main Place Of Original MADE IN CHINA

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