Let’s Talk About This Amazing Wooden Laptop Stand!

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If you are a workaholic like me and stay glued to your laptop screen for the major part of your day. You must also be familiar with what a struggle it can be to get the proper angle to work. I mean, not complaining here, laptops give you a lot of freedom. You can carry them everywhere and can work from anywhere you want. But they also restrict you in terms of ergonomics, because you can’t adjust the height of its screen or the keyboard. As a result, you have to hunch over when you are working on your laptop. Which then ultimately results in pain in your neck, back, hands, wrists or arms.

Having established that, let me introduce you to this amazing Wooden Laptop Stand. Using a laptop stand is the best way to improve ergonomics. You are finally able to adjust the height of your laptop according to yourself and improve your work posture. Rather than going for those enemies-of-the-environment silicon or plastic stands, buy wooden laptop stand. Made from Walnut Wood using the Bentwood Technique, the laptop stand doubles as a cooling pad as well. Using this stand, I got the freedom to work comfortably without straining my eyes or neck. Also, the tilt design allowed me to bring my laptop screen up to my eye level, while its rubber feet kept it stable and the cable management kept all my connections handy.

Lastly, the Wooden Laptop Stand has a Unique Wooden Grain and polished surface finish. Which makes it look very retro and I don’t feel like I have my laptop up on an ugly plank of wood.

If I have managed to make you a believer, click here to get your very own Wooden Laptop Stand!  


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