Product Name

SAMDI Tilt Mouse Pad for Various types of mouse, Perfect Combination of Wood and Aluminum, Elegant & Stable(Balck Walnut)


Product Application

Various Types of Mouse

Information Labels(tangs):

SAMDI, wooden pad, Wooden Walnut Mouse Pad, office accessories; Black Walnut, Aluminum, Tilt Mouse Pad, Mouse Pad, Combination of Wood and Aluminum


Product Parameters

Product Model: SD-017Wa-2

Main Process Of Product: High Frequency Technology

Surface Treatment: Varnish Process,Full Mart Polished

LOGO Product Process: Hot-stamping/Laser

Main Material: Walnut

Color: Black Walnut

Product Net Weight: 340g

Abrasion Resistance: 2b-3b

Product Size: 23 cm * 16 cm * 1.6cm

Main Place Of Original: MADE IN CHINA

Product Advantage

+ Low friction and ultra smooth surface for better mouse gliding.

+ Tilt Design, Provide comfortable feeling, minimizing fatigue even after long hours.

+ Perfect Combination of Wood and Aluminum to make your desk more beautiful.

+ Solid Wood and Aluminum to increase durability.

+ Designed for ease of motion. Perfect for Optical or Trackball Mouse.

+ Super smooth surface offers precise mouse movement. Perfect base for maximum grip. Perfect for laser and optical mouse.


Brand Description

SAMDI offers a 100% Feedback Guarantee, making your purchase 100% risk-free!

Main Material Walnut
Surface Treatment Varnish Process,Full Mart Polished
Product Color Black Walnut
Product Net Weight 340g
Abrasion Resistance 2b-3b
Main Place Of Original MADE IN CHINA

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